OAKLAND COUNTY PUBLIC SERVICES COMMITTEE live video Tuesday, March 12, 2013 @ 11:30 a.m

Tuesday, March 12, 2013 @ 11:30 a.m – Board of Commissioners’ Committee Room A
Bill Dwyer, Chairperson
Vice Chairperson, Mike Bosnic Minority Vice Chairperson Helaine Zack

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Roll CallPledge of Allegiance
Approval of the Minutes*:  February 26, 2013
Public Comment
1. Sheriff’s Office – Contract Amendment #1 for Law Enforcement Services in the Charter Township of Independence 2013-2015 Recommend to Board Mike McCabe 248-858-0146Dale Cunningham 248-858-5512
(Motion needed for Rule IX.E. – Direct Referral to Human Resources and Finance Committees) Report to Human Resources and Finance
2. Sheriff’s Office – Contract for Auxiliary Deputy Services in the City of Orchard Lake 2013 Recommend to Board Mike McCabe 248-858-0146Dale Cunningham 248-858-5512
3. Committee Charge Pursuant to MR #13017 – Board of Commissioners – Examination of How Oakland County Citizens are Protected from  Gun Violence – Input from school representatives

  1. Marion Ginopolis, Superintendent, Lake Orion Community Schools
  2. Ken Gutman, Superintendent,Walled Lake Consolidated Schools
  3. Bill Pearson, Superintendent, South Lyon Community Schools
  4. Daniel Nerad, Superintendent, Birmingham Public Schools.


Discussion Bill Dwyer248-417-7500
A. Prosecuting Attorney – FY 2014 Prosecutor’s Victim of Crime Act Victim Assistance Grant Program (VOCA) – Grant by Fiscal Services Receive and file
*Previous minutes, all agenda items/communications and in some instances additional backup materials are available for viewing on line at http://www.oakgov.com/boc/agendas/gen\pub_svcs.html
If you require special accommodations because of a disability, please contact the Board of Commissioners at (248) 858-0100 or TDD Hearing-Impaired (248) 858-5511 at least three (3) business days in advance of the meeting.
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